Project HAVING IT ALL: Job and Family Balance of Women

About the Project

The purpose of the project HAVING IT ALL: Job and Family Balance of Women is to improve the position of employed women with families and to raise employers’ awareness to include support measures for the coordination of women’s work and family life. The goal of the project is to establish a support model for working women in Slovenian companies, with families and children in order to help them coordinate their professional and personal responsibilities.

Problematic areas, good experience and practices that are already used in some Slovenian companies, EU, United States and elsewhere will be identified. Set of top 5 measures will be selected and pilot implemented in 10 Slovenian companies in the Podravje region.

Through the project, we want to achieve that the situation of working women with families in Slovenia will improve, and coordination of work and private life of employed women will be better. We expect that the productivity of these companies selected in Podravje region will have increased by the improvement of organizational climate in the next years, as we believe that satisfied workers are also more effective.


More About the Project

News about the project

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Promotional material

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Survey among employees

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What are we going to do?

Pilot testing

We will pilot test the 5 best selected support measures in 10 companies in Podravje region.

Support measures

Preparation of support measures and selection of 5 best support measures.


We will analyze the issues facing employed women and find the best support measures.



The HAVING IT ALL project was enabled through a small grant program from the United States Embassy, Ljubljana. Which enabled us to obtain partial funding for the realization of this project. We also thank all the volunteers who participated in the implementation of the project and the society of business women of Slovenia, Maribor unit PERLE. Members of society have helped us in establishing relationships with companies and the analysis that has identified the most appropriate support measures.