Project Overview

The project helps solve the situation of working women, who are torn between their work and families by raising employers’ awareness and social responsibility and motivate them to include support measures in companies to support women’s professional and personal lives. Special attention in the project will be focused for women with disabilities, after maternity leave and women from minority groups. This group of women has the greatest difficulty in returning to employment and keeping a job. Corporate culture has to take into account ethical and cultural characteristics of employed women.


Specific objectives of the project are: getting acquainted with the situation and problems on this topic in Slovenia, identify existing good practices and experience (in Europe, USA and other countries) and implement the best of them in Slovenian companies. Furthermore, we would like to select the top 5 support measures for the companies, pilot tested in Slovenian companies and measure effects of improving the position of employed women. We will spread information about support measures for the companies, pilot testing and positive outcomes for other companies via publishing the Informative Newsletter and creating the Interactive Project website with forum in order to inform and allow communication between companies promoting gender equality at the same time.


From our project will directly gain employed women with families and children. It will encourage them to be employed and have children. And even more, encourage women not be afraid to take leadership positions. Many young women still make traditional choices when it comes to careers and family and stay at home. As man have an advantage in this regard, establish a career first begin and their family life later. This project also wishes to raise men’s awareness to change their role within the family to a role of an equal partner, who takes care of the family to the same extent as a woman.


The project will be beneficial for companies by improving organizational climate and relationships, reducing absences and maintaining professional and labor availability of female employees.


In long-term with this project we will improve the situation for both, employers and employees, families as a whole and including employed women who are planning to have a baby (be pregnant). Furthermore, increased employee satisfaction and motivation are expected in the companies; this consequently leads to a higher productivity. Changes in companies proposed in this project contribute to regional stability and increased productivity in Slovenia. Supportive measures for employed women with family and children could be easily transferable to all regions and interested companies in Slovenia and abroad. This will lead to economic grow and globalization in general. At the same time we would promote equal human rights and empowerment of women in the workforce


Problematic areas, good experience and practices that are already used in some Slovenian companies, EU, United States and elsewhere will be identified. Set of top 5 measures will be selected and pilot implemented in 10 Slovenian companies in the Podravje region.